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Sofi Hiscock is an engaging and skilled counsellor and coach. Registered with the ACA. She prides herself on providing practical and compassionate support to her clients. Sofi supports individuals of all ages, couples and families at her practice.

She focuses on helping people to thrive. This is facilitated by counselling that enables clients to comfortably share their story and life experiences, whilst being heard and valued. Clients gain greater understanding of themselves through Sofi’s guidance, paving the way for a new beginning, stronger relationships and healthier well being.

Sofi recognises and understands the individual therapeutic needs of her clients and therefore each session is tailored for their personal journey. Sofi is a person-centered practitioner drawing from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy but is flexible in her approach and collaborates with each client to ensure the best fit for them. Sofi will establish the time and space where you can focus on you, your relationships, and most importantly your goals so that you can live the life you deserve.

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“Sofi is personable and professional. She helped guide me through some personal issues, she listened and gently offered solutions and tools where needed. Sofi helped me to realise the areas where I needed to do some work and the areas where I could let go and feel better for it. She’s truly a remarkable counsellor with amazing trauma skills. I highly recommend her.”

“Sofi has been a godsend for me. She helped me work through extremely difficult times in my life, personally, professionally and in my relationship. Her approach is gentle but effective, and guides me to the answers without telling me what to do so that I’m able to build my own coping strategies. With Sofi’s help I’ve been able to overcome many issues that I’m certain would have been impossible to do alone. I thoroughly and strongly recommend working with her.”


Location: Third Space Float & Wellness Studio
37–39 Murray Street, Tanunda SA


Phone: 0433 993 052